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System Integration Services

GlobeOSS has many years of system integration experience in Transactional Data Intelligence. Over the last 7 years, the GlobeOSS team has more than 100 engagements with various telecommunication operators and enterprise companies in Asia Pacific.  We have vast experience in building network operation centres, managing 7x24x365 monitoring operation centre, extracting network information for business applications, testing e-commerce infrastructure (using GlobeOSS STORM™ Service), Big Transactional Data analysis and etc.  We deploy solutions over 2G, 3G, LTE, IPTV, VoIP, IP MPLS networks, NGN, IMS and IT and Cloud technologies.

Our approach is to optimize existing assets and only add new tools when required to achieve a specific business results. Opportunities related to GlobeOSS System Integration capabilities:


  • Proactive Customer Experience Management
  • Service Quality & Performance  Management
  • Loyalty and Promotional Campaign


  • Service Assurance – passive probes, active probes, performance and fault management
  • LTE, MBB, OTT analysis
  • Global Network Operation Center (GNOC)



  • Circuit Switch (CS) new revenue streams – LBS, Marketing, Regulatory
  • PCEF – Transactional data, OTT applications detection & enforcement
  • PCRF – Monetization of packet switch data with dynamic policy control
  • Revenue Assurance



  • OSS Roadmap and filling the gaps
  • Collaborative System Integration
  • Big Transactional Data analysis

Through our implementation and integration services, we provide extensive delivery, project management, program management, engineering and software development services. Proven implementation and integration template will ensure quality delivery.

System Implementation and Integration Services includes:

1)   Project Management Services

2)   Requirement and Design Services

3)   Architecture & Modeling Services

4)   Reports and Development Services

5)   Implementation Services

6)   Training Services

7)   Quality Control and Change Request Services

8)   System Test and Acceptance Services

9)   Warranty & Support Services


GlobeOSS Total Solution Delivery Model can be described below:

The Process consists of six distinct phases.  These are Assessing the Need, , Assessing the Current State, Baselining Future State, Planning and Organizing the Solution, Implementing Solution, and Deployment and Support.  Telcordia implements these six phases through the proper application of the following 5 business areas:

  • Program Management:  A Program Manager will oversee a few projects and project managers. With extensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry and a proven track record for successfully implementing large complex systems, the Project Management Team from GlobeOSS can be be responsible for the coordination and supervision of the mutually agreed deliverables, services and all questions relating to the execution of the project.
  • Customer Business Goals:  Early stages of requirements gathering and producing a project plan which is closely aligned with the enterprise business goals, GlobeOSS will help ensure that the desired state and enterprise business goals for the project are met.
  • Customer Business Process:  GlobeOSS implementation will work with enterprise to review and align their business processes to take advantage of the new OSS & IT architecture.  GlobeOSS develop Methods and Procedures (M&Ps) from existing templates and fine tune the template appropriately for enterprise operations environment, organize the overall process flow into manageable functional groups, and refine the process as appropriate. 
  • People and Partners:  The people component manages the impact of technological and workflow changes at all levels of enterprise workforce. This includes communication and education on the FMO and new technology, training on OSS products, job functions and essential skills, and a thorough analysis of management and measurements that affect the motivation, satisfaction and productivity of enterprise workforce.
  • Infrastructure:  This area comprises OSS technology-related services, such as data management planning. Operations Assistance is an additional tehcnology service required for success. Aligning this component with people and process helps to enable the technology to be configured to meet enterprise business needs.