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Our Approach

Our market place is a constantly changing environment - technologies, standards, services, data-use, traffic, market maturity, customer experience expectations, competitors and fraudulent behaviors.  To be competitive, most enterprises have to be nimble, competitive and quick to adapt and evolve.

Transactional data patterns and evolution in any enterprise requires real world solutions that are customizable and agile that is ready to evolve and change at the speed of light.  GlobeOSS team will customize a solution specialized to your needs precisely to your unique requirements - time to market, budget and quality requirements.  At the same time, ensuring scalability and flexibility to adapt to change.

GlobeOSS Transactional Data Intelligence Services Framework are shown below:


Transactional Data Information Extraction

GlobeOSS specializes in transactional data extraction over IT and Telco networks.  Our professionals will work through the scope of requirements. Most often, we are able to deliver proof of concept in very short time to address the current problems.  Our goal is to enable the enterprises monetize the transactional data.  We call this Transactional Data Intelligence.  Enterprise can either profit, reduce operation cost or both by utilizing transactional intelligence from GlobeOSS.

Bridging the Gap

Transactional data is complex and GlobeOSS team bridges the complexity of extracting and transforming transactional data to the business teams.  We simplify the complex transactional data information and turning into simple, easy to understand and extremely meaningful information for business applications and business insights.

Optimization of Existing Assets

GlobeOSS team usually uses the existing tools in the organization to enable transactional data intelligence and therefore, immediately providing returns to the enterprise by sweating the existing assets.  GlobeOSS will only suggest additional tools when necessary.

Our Expertise and Experience

Over the last 7 years, the GlobeOSS team has more than 100+ engagements with various telecommunication operators and enterprise companies in Asia Pacific.  We have vast experience in building network operation centres, managing 7x24x365 monitoring operation centre, extracting network information for business applications, testing e-commerce infrastructure (using GlobeOSS STORM™ Service), Big Data transactional information analysis and etc.  We deploy solutions over 2G, 3Gm LTE, IPTV, VoIP, IP MPLS networks, NGN, IMS and IT and Cloud technologies.


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