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Network Operation Centre (NOC) Services

Delivering Uptime with Simplicity

Uptime is critical to business. It will mean end-to-end and comprehensive visibility of the performance of your Telco network, IT infrastructure, Services and Applications.  GlobeOSS offers unique intelligent operation services through GNOC services, customized to your needs. We deliver uptime to business around the world.

GlobeOSS NOC facilities is built with Telco grade and Enterprise tools; helping our customers to focus on business during the day and sleep peacefully at night.

24x7 GNOC Services

GlobeOSS offers unique intelligent operation services through GNOC services, customized to your needs. We deliver uptime to business around the world.

Everyday, our GNOC manages 24x7 demands of hundreds of Telco networks, IT infrastructure, IT applications over variety of industries. We deliver:

  • Significant downtime reduction
  • Increase customer experience of the offered service
  • Increase productivity of staffs - focusing on the business rather than back-end operation
  • Management of incident and problems
  • Higher quality of services through trending reports and analysis.
  • Knowledge base of the enterprise problems are documented and stored for future learnings.
  • New rules and scenarios can be configured to meet the ever-changing demands on the network on the fly.


GlobeOSS 24x7 NOC (GNOC) services are  integrated into experienced network engineers, ITIL based service procedures, flexible operation intelligent tools, service desk and real-time reporting capability.

GNOC service offering includes:

  • 24x7 NOC Monitoring
  • 24x7 Service Desk
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Redundant NOC facility

24x7 Service Desk

GlobeOSS service desk professionals are key to GNOC. Staffed with 24x7x365, GNOC will help you focus on business on the day time, and sleep well at night.

Service Desk will be the single point of contact for each customer and monitors all events, incidents, violations, security breach and escalations. It will priorities appropriately based on business impact.

GNOC service is an integrated offering of industry experts and knowledge, sophisticated monitoring tools and ITIL based processes. We deliver value through the combination of all these components.

Key features of Service Desk Team:

  • NOC Service Desk Associates
  • NOC Service Desk Engineers
  • NOC Support Engineers
  • Senior NOC Engineers
  • Senior Team Lead
  • NOC Architect
  • NOC Manager


GNOC Service Desk Functions

  • Center point of contact for customer
  • ITIL based processes
  • Detect and record events and incidents
  • Prioritize incidents
  • Notify customers
  • Escalation to resolution
  • Manage the lifecycle of trouble tickets
  • Mediates issues with vendors

Managed Security Services

Security compliance is becoming a major part of business. Security attacks can cripple a business. GNOC Managed Security services will provide enterprise with a peace of mind of any security breach. GlobeOSS will monitor 24x7 for all the potential security breach and alert the enterprise appropriately. We will track the ticket till it closed.

Application Monitoring Services

Traditional infrastructure management suppliers work with highly structured data sets via SNMP, CORBA, XML, and etc. Application management is even more complex with custom applications for many enterprises. The project implementation of such project ranges from 6-18 months depending on complexity. GlobeOSS NOC services approach is to first complement the exisiting infrastructure or application management system. However, new uncovered unstructured data sets and those data that requires correlatioin on the fly, can be easily achieved through GlobeOSS services.  In many enterprises, we analyze the infrastructure log files in a matter of days rather than months.

Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure Management

Online enterprises are some fo the biggest users of the cloud - whether within a public, private or hybrid environment. With GlobeOSS STORM™ services, online service providers have the ability to test the online services and have deep cross - environment visibility in additioni to environment- specific visibility accross applications, OS and hypervisor layers through to the underlying server, storage and network hardware. This operation insight is vital to help enhancing serrvice delivery to customers and deliver a superior experience.

Analytic Insight for Web, Cloud and Virtualized Infrastructure

Traditional data are generated from the massive volume of customer transactions related to web transactions and applications. By looking into the bits and bytes of the data, converting them into meaningful information subsequently correlating and enriching the information. Enterprise can perform actionable analysis for customer care, business generations and IT/network optimization. Through GlobeOSS STORM™ services, we generate traffic from the outside in. Web and Mobile Web transations are generated while back-end systems are monitored. Benchmarking can be made and problem identified for resoltuion.