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Managed Services

GlobeOSS has many years of experience in Transactional Data Intelligence. Over the last 7 years, the GlobeOSS team has more than 100 engagements with various telecommunication operators and enterprise companies in Asia Pacific.  We have vast experience in building network operation centres, managing 7x24x365 monitoring operation centre, extracting network information for business applications, testing e-commerce infrastructure (using GlobeOSS STORM™ Service), Big Transactional Data analysis and etc.  We deploy solutions over 2G, 3G, LTE, IPTV, VoIP, IP MPLS networks, NGN, IMS and IT and Cloud technologies.

Managing people, tools and processes are complex, time-consuming and expensive. Expertise and grave yard hours staffs are expensive and difficult to maintain. GlobeOSS has been running Network Operation Centre for the past 7 years and we believe we are equipped with the necessary staffing, tools and processes to help enterprise monitor the network and IT infrastructure.

GlobeOSS' Managed Services is delivered through GNOC which supports the unique network needs of any size organization. All GNOC services are conducted through GlobeOSS carrier grade NOC, managed 24x7x365 by qualified professionals, using well-established processes.

GNOC uses secure connectivity to monitor all our customers' systems.   In any successful NOC service offering, the 3 critical aspects (3Ps) need to be addressed, namely:

  1. People – Qualified, Experienced and trained professionals. GNOC invests a great deal into our people whom we believe is the reason of success and growth. Our professionals are committed to seeing our customers business successful. We are built with a bunch of people with core values like trust and respect for individuals; high level of achievement and contributions; flexibility and innovations; teamwork; uncompromising integrity. The experience ranges from monitoring Telco and IT networks systems and services.


  2. Processes – well established processes. Over the years, we constantly improve our processes to bring greater value to our customers. Key processes include incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, configuration management etc.


  3. Products / Tools. Lastly but not least, our GNOC has state of the art monitoring tools established. The monitoring systems are based on completely redundant configurations. The solutions includes Fault Management System, Performance Management System, SLA Management, Reporting and BI System, Service Desk, PABX, Voicemails, etc.

Among the services that we offer:

  • 24 x 7 Surveillance - Monitoring the integrity of the network.
  • Dark hours only Surveillance – Monitoring the integrity of the network during agreed dark hours periods.
  • Performance management -Measurement of Performance data from Voice and Data networks.
  • Traffic management -Ensuring quality of service and connectivity ratios are maintained on all traffic routes.
  • Fault management – Raising trouble tickets and resolving issues with correspondents.
  • Escalation management – Raising when required 3rd party’s for call out and hardware replacement.
  • Planned outage management – Co-operation of network downtime and element augmentations / upgrades.
  • Hosted Trouble Ticketing
  • Roaming Service Management
  • SLA Monitoring

GlobeOSS Managed Services

Engaging GlobeOSS Manged Services team is simple and straight forward. The engagement is carry out in 4 simple stages:

  • Service Strategy and Design
  • Service Monitoring Transition
  • Service Operations and 24x7 Service Desk
  • Service Improvement

During the Service Strategy and Design stage, discussions are made with customers on the business requirements, business goals, architectural design, capacity management, availability management, security requirement, and etc. This enables both parties (GlobeOSS and Customer) to understand the business goals and future mode of operation requirement. This initial part will se the team up for success.

During the Service Monitoring Transition stage, the migration of the old processes (if any) to the new one takes place. While the system is being set up for managed services, new processes need to be in place. Project implementation is being done during this stage. Trial run of new service is being tested at this stage. Disaster recovery plan is being tested before going live.

The next stage will be service operation. Here, the services go live and 24x7 monitoring is running, 24x7 service desk is running. All processes are in place and executed.

The last stage is the optimization stage. After go-live, there are many improvements to be made and processes optimized to bring better business benefits. Analytics and business dashboards are analyzed for further optimized actions.