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LTE and Mobile Broadband (MBB) Services
Driving Better Business Results Through Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI)

The rapid growth in mobile broadband poses a great challenge for mobile operators - both in the area of managing / operating the complex mobile networks and monetizing the big pipe of data passing though their networks. Adoption of many more smartphones and devices, extensive range of applications and services, with video accounting to half of the overall traffic, has created tremendous pressure to the mobile data networks.

How can mobile operators manage the complex networks in a cost effective way, at the same time encouraging data use expansion without having to spend huge amount of data pipes networks? 

GlobeOSS is a services company that specializes in extracting transactional data to increase the operational efficiency of Telco and at the same time helping operators monetize the transactional data. A better understanding of the data traffic and intelligence in its real-time dynamics provide the foundation needed to manage traffic cost- effectively, and to offer more relevant and better-targeted services to subscribers. Whether its managing the network by subscriber or monetize the transactional data by subscriber, GlobeOSS professional can help mobile operators do just that.

Service Monetization

For LTE and MBB, mobile operators are being pushed to being just a pipe provider. The challenge is to optimize the monetization of transaction data. Realtime Transaction Data Intelligence (TDI) will provide network and subscriber behavior will be valuable to mobile operators.

Some of the possible use cases for service monetization :

  • Fair Usage
  • Tiered Services
  • Shared Data
  • Service Passes
  • Device Type Option
  • Access Type Option

The focus here is to use the existing asset to increase revenue, thus increasing profit.


Fair Usage Services

Fair Use policy gives mobile operators the ability to enforce existing data caps, while allowing flexibility in managing usage above traffic quotas. Fair Use is effective in protecting the network from excessive subscriber use and can lower the overall network traffic. Fair Use enables operators to better match revenues with network utilization and protect quality of service by enforcing the terms of data price plans which typically restrict data usage beyond a preset quota. Mobile operators can up-sell when the limits are reached notification can be made.


Tiered Services

Tier Services can be offered to customers by mobile operators. Price sensitive customers can be addressed, while subscribers with higher requirements can be addressed. This service of data quota, speed connections and applications allowance is becoming a common place in the industry. Operators need to do more.


Shared Data Services

This will allow subscribers to include multiple devices and subscribers into one subscription. This will provide stickiness to wider subscribers and devices which otherwise remain disconnected. Traffic caps can also be applied per user or per device.


Service Passes Services

This service will provide subscribers with additional data allowance during any period. Occasional services can be offered and applications prioritized access. Subscribers can also be encouraged to use more data when there’s non-peak period. Passes can be provided to subscribers to generate more revenues which otherwise is not consume and remain idle money-wise.


Device Access Control Services

With this, mobile operators can define device-specific plans. The side benefit to mobile operators is that they can distribute the traffic between radio access technologies. This will also control SIM card swapping. Also operators may charge more for tethering or wifi hotspots.


Access Type Control Services

Possible scenarios for mobile operators are to monetize network selection and application performance. Pricing can be based on LTE or 3G or quotas based on the radio access technologies. Another option is that subscribers exceeding their monthly quota can be forced to use slower radio access technology.


Application Based Usage Services

Mobile operators can also use with the combination of PCI and PCRF to packaged application based packing. Subscribers can be charged using facebook only for example. This will provide the ability of the subscribers to unbundle the data packages to meet wide range demands of the subscribers.


Service Assurance

Mobile service providers are challenged with new consumer mindset, spending, loyalty and quality expectation. New devices and applications and service offerings are being introduced daily. To stay ahead of the game, mobile operators need every insight through real-time transactional data. Without it, it is virtually impossible to understand the subscriber centric information like devices, applications, services, locations that relates to complex networks infrastructure.

Using GlobeOSS experience in transactional data experience, our team will be able to solve some of the complex requirements for service assurance for LTE networks. The focus here is to increase efficiency of network service assurance thus reducing the overall cost of operation.


Transactional Data Extraction Services

Working with state of the art technology on real-time data extraction, GlobeOSS professional can help mobile operators design data extraction solution placing them at strategic locations. End-to-end session analysis, voice capture, video and data packets in a single stream with multiple 10G carrier-grade configuration. GlobeOSS will work with the specific mobile operators to determine the exact requirement and recommend the extraction points on the network. These information are extracted in real-time


Troubleshooting & Correlation Services

Once, the transactional data can be captured, the information can be used for trouble-shooting. The solution will allow mobile operators perform end-to-end monitoring across complex environments with network wide and regional views. The correlation can be done for control plane of the network information to provide in-depth insights on QoE and QoS metrics. Visualization through reporting, charts and ladder diagram can be displayed for troubleshooting. GlobeOSS' professionals has the experience and capability in performing systematic trouble shooting of the mobile operator network. Troubleshooting will be done via customer centric approach.


Reporting and Analytics Services

GlobeOSS works with large transactional data, especially streaming data. With this we will provide the mobile operators with ready intelligence via pre-configured dashboards, reports and KPIs. Other data sources can also be collected - either to enrich the transactional data information or to correlate. Using indexing technology, all possible log files, KPI datas, machine data can be analyzed and correlated. These complex correlation can be done is hours/days rather than months. SLA reports and any customized reports can be generated in hours rather than months.


OTT Analysis

Characterization of OTT applications (like facebook, youtube, whatsapp etc.) can enable mobile oeprators to make money. More than that, the related metadata can also be extracted, analyzed and reports generated by understanding the application usage and subscriber behaviors, the data can be analyzed by region, bandwidth, utilization, customer type and others. This can be done via existing passive probes or existing DPI infrastructure. In the event that the data extraction infrastructure is not available, GlobeOSS services can provide such infrastructure. Once this characterization is understood, service monetizatioin services can help mobile operators make money from the OTT applications or form strategic partnerships with OTT thus increasing the revenue. Our service will also provide extensive details on quality, performance and customer experience, including why, who, when, where and what.


LTE Roaming

Maximizing roaming and inter-carrier relationships will generate more revenue for the mobile operators. Our services offers complete, end-to-end assurance of traffic on the Home and Originating carrier's network. Insight into QoE on traffic handled by Outbound Roaming Partner can also be done. LTE Outbound active test roaming can also be done as a service to ensure LTE roaming is of the highest quality.


GlobeOSS Network Operation Centre (GNOC)

GlobeOSS Network Operation Centre (GNOC) has been established to provide flexible and cost-effective outsource services based on various ownership models, tailored to the needs of each customer. Each of our services are designed and executed in alignment with goals and operational needs of our customers. It is designed to deliver rapid return on investment and scale as you need. GNOC is a central surveillance centre serving customers of network monitoring needs. It has been established in 2005 offering our customers a blend of business and technology expertise to help our customers achieve their service assurance monitoring short-term and long-term business needs. Many operators in the South East Asia region are using GNOC services to augment their existing NOC capability.