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Service Providers (Telcos)

GlobeOSS helps mobile, LTE, VoIP, and fixed line service providers maximize the value of network technologies and infrastructure investments through our system integration and managed services portfolios. Our transactional data intelligence framework enables the operators to utilize transactional data for operations and business. In operation intelligence, we enable operators to more effectively troubleshoot problems, resolve interoperability issues, and smoothly incorporate new technologies. In business applications, we enable operators to monetize transactional data through various applications. We supply service providers with important insights that uncover hidden opportunities and new business models that create a long-term advantage.  Read more...


Financial Services

The pace of change within the financial services industry continues to accelerate at unprecedented rate. Regulation, social media, mobility and big data are redefining financial products and services. Electronic channels are evolving. Customers want 24x7 multi-channel access and personalized services – and the assurance of rigorous security and data privacy. To successfully manage these rapidly changing industry and market trends, you need to stay at the forefront of technology adoption. GlobeOSS helps financial services online business by looking at the transactional data and provide operational intelligence for manage the quality of customer experience on the online channel.


Public Sector

Citizens across the globe require the seamless delivery of government programs and services, and demand high levels of transparency and accountability from public sector agencies. Many agencies are moving towards online to delivery such public services.

From health and education to infrastructure and utilities, the maturity of public services affects government’s ability to deliver online. GlobeOSS helps public sector agencies by providing operational intelligence to manage the quality of agencies online services.



GlobeOSS helps companies guard against e-commerce portal degradations – and complete technology failures – that lead to disappointed customers, lost revenue and lower productivity - over mobile, web and tablet devices. We offer enterprises the most comprehensive end-to-end testing, monitoring, and analytics solutions for ensuring the quality of today’s complex online business, including the underlying IP networks. More importantly, we can predict problems and analyze root cause of the problems before they impact customers, so you can provide a great experience every time.  Read more...