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GlobeOSS for Telcos

Driving Better Business Results Through Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI). 

With the introduction of more services of greater complexity, partnerships and multi-play convergence, Telcos are experiencing increased pressure for the need to deliver cutting-edge services, reduce customer churn, provide superior customer experience and optimize costs. Getting all this divergent data from the network into a distributed/centralized transactional data intelligence to enable monetization of data is becoming the norm with leading telcos. The opportunity is now to take massive amount transactional data from the network to the next level and innovation.

Mobile operators must also actively monitor and manage the experience their customers have while using their services. A high-quality experience will influence positively on the customer’s view of the operator brand and enhance its value. Complexity of services is continuously increasing – service types, cell configurations, handset types, networks (data, voice), legacy vs. IP. At the end of the day, customers or group of customers expect seamless services regardless of technology that is being used in the Mobile or Fixed Line networks.

It is therefore critical that the data collection solution services across multiple protocols and network types (IP, SS7, 3G, LTE, FTTH, MPLS, IMS, VOIP, VoLTE or legacy). Correlating all these information will be required in order to become truly customer centric as customers will use voice, data and content services over circuit switched and IP networks. Understanding the customer’s experience for all services, over all networks is key. This is what GlobeOSS can offer today.

Telco networks, infrastructure, applications, servers and consumer devices generate a huge volume of logs, messages, traps and metrics—transactional data that can provide tremendous value for business and Telcos. It can help drive revenues, improve operations, accelerate innovation and mitigate risk. Yet, few companies effectively harness the value of their machine data. Over time, Telcos has developed as “silos” of systems, focused on specific technologies, functions, departments, or groups of systems and people. Telcos ends up being managed as silos, with narrow, focused tools that provide a limited view of what’s really going on across the infrastructure and processes.

GlobeOSS professionals bring all this transactional data together, turning it into information and presenting it to the end user that enables the Telecom Operators to make faster and better decisions in business intelligence and troubleshooting for all services, for all networks, and for all customers to give a single view of the truth, particularly as it relates to customer experience.


GlobeOSS Delivers Insight into Transactional Data

GlobeOSS have many years experience in handling large amount of transactional data and turning them into operational and business insights. With the sheer number of mobile communications increasing exponentially and each one generating more and more user and control plane traffic, mobile operators can quickly become over- burdened by the costs of storing that information. GlobeOSS works closely with each operator to determine a strategy that works best on how to monetize the transactional data.

Using state-of-art tools, GlobeOSS professionals can extract any transactional data and read data from any source such as networks, web, radio networks, core networks, CDRs, service delivery platform, custom applications, mobile applications, social media, IT systems and databases. We deliver real-time understanding of what’s happening and deep analysis of what's happening across the networks and processes.

Service Monetization – PCRF and PCEF

GlobeOSS Transactional Data Intelligence expertise can help Telcos to not only reduce cost through efficiency with our Service Assurance portfolio, we also help operators monetize unrealized data transaction.  Through PCRF, operators can give value-based personalized services; flexible service definition and updates; segment subscriber; provide fair usage and traffic prioritization.  While through PCEF, operators can perform traffic monitoring and steering; congestion management; network optimization; application and service QoS; Real-time, RAN-aware policy enforcement and analytics.

LTE Service Assurance

LTE is no longer the future of telecommunications; it is now a key component of the network’s infrastructure. Telcos are investing heavily in this technology to meet customer demand as consumers continue to purchase smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices at unprecedented rates. GlobeOSS uses its experience in transactional data intelligence to provide insights to LTE services from operational and business perspectives. In one leading operator, GlobeOSS implemented the LTE testing and monitoring. The solution went live within 3 months of contract signing.

Enhancing Customer Experience

GlobeOSS gives telcos insights into customer experience by taking transactional data and turn them into key performance indicators across their network, IT and application infrastructure. A leading mobile operator uses GlobeOSS services to deploy a solution that extract 15TB of transactional data and turning them into meaningful service quality and customer experience metrics. GlobeOSS implemented the solution for 3G and 2G networks.

Enhancing Roaming Experience

Monitoring roaming transactions is difficult especially when the outbound roaming customers are using networks that do not belong to the home operators. GlobeOSS offers service based roaming assurance solutions for mobile operators. Most leading operators in South East Asia are using our services.

Enhancing Voice Network Quality (Dropped Call Analysis)

GlobeOSS uses transaction data intelligence to provide insights to increase network quality. Drop call analysis can be done by locations, subscribers, networks, services, applications and handsets. In one operator, GlobeOSS helps the operator monitor the dropped calls 7x24x365, alerting the relevant department when key VIPs and customers experiencing bad dropped call rate.  The relevant department can be tasked to perform problem resolution and optimization of the network to provide better quality network to the customers.

Enhancing Mobile Broadband Network Quality (Throughput Analysis)

GlobeOSS uses transaction data intelligence to provide insights to increase network quality. Throughput analysis can be done by locations, subscribers, networks, services, applications and handsets. In one operator, GlobeOSS helps the operator monitor the dropped calls 7x24x365, alerting the relevant department when key VIPs and customers experiencing bad dropped call rate. Also the relevant department can be tasked to perform problem resolution and optimization of the network to provide better quality network to the customers.

Increasing Revenue from Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI)

Transactional data contains huge meaningful information for Telcos to monetize the data. Many times, the product team may not necessarily know the richness of information in the transactional data for specific subscribers, devices, locations, services and OTT applications. GlobeOSS experience is to help operators perform transactional data intelligence to monetize the available data creating new value and business returns for Telcos. Recently, GlobeOSS has helped a leading mobile operators monetize their transactional data in the area of location based marketing, M2M, cellular blocking services, meeting government regulatory requirements etc.

Analytic Insight for Mobile and Voice Data 

Transactional data are generated from the massive volume of customer transactions related to data, voice and applications. By looking into the bits and bytes of the data, converting them into meaningful informations subsequently correlating and enriching the information, Telcos can actionable analysis for customer care, business generations and network optimization.

Profiting from OTT Applications

Combatting OTT revenue leakage is a top priority for many service providers. Using GlobeOSS services team, operators can easily characterize application usage and subscriber behaviors. This data can potentially be analyzed by region, bandwidth utilization, customer type and other relevant factors. Armed with this information, Telcos can make smarter decisions about partnership priorities, revenue sharing opportunities, service creation options and how to best cultivate key corporate accounts. Once transactional data analysis is done from various data sources, Telcos can create new services and applications that will generate incremental business and profit. GlobeOSS has help one such operator to analyze the OTT applications that passes through their network.

Revenue Leakage Prevention (SIM Box)

SIM boxes are believed to impact at least 5% of all international mobile telephone communications. GlobeOSS SIM box detection services quickly stops interconnect bypass losses, guaranteeing the revenue assurance you are entitled to. Impacts of SIM Boxes includes revenue loss due to call redirection, service inaccessibility, missing callbacks and bad QoS. GlobeOSS Services enables reliable detection of SIM boxes and ensuring first-class end user experience through quick elimination of SIM boxes.

24 x 7 x 365 Network Operation Centre (GNOC)

GlobeOSS Network Operation Centre (GNOC) has been established to provide flexible and cost-effective outsource services based on various ownership models, tailored to the needs of each customer. Each of our services are designed and executed in alignment with the goals and operational needs of our customers. It is designed to deliver rapid return on investment and scale as you need. GNOC is a central surveillance centre serving customers of network monitoring needs. It has been established in 2005 offering our customers a blend of business and technology expertise to help our customers achieve their service assurance monitoring short-term and long-term business needs. Many operators in the South East Asia region are using GNOC services to augment their existing NOC capability.

Infrastructure Management With a Difference !

Traditional infrastructure management suppliers work with highly structured data sets via SNMP, CORBA, XML etc. The project implementation of such fault management project ranges from 6-18 months depending on complexity. GlobeOSS approach is to first of all complement the existing fault and performance management system. However, new uncovered unstructured data sets and those data that requires correlation on the fly, can be easily achieved through GlobeOSS services. In one operators, we analyze the infrastructure log files in a matter of days rather than months.

E-Commerce Transactions Service Assurance

Online business is growing exponentially. Users come in multiple forms - mobile, web and tablets over multiple operating systems and multiple browsers from different locations and connectivity. GlobeOSS professionals can help Telcos test their new or existing e-commerce business portal and analyze the root cause of the potential problems by looking at the transactional data existing in the portal infrastructure.

Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI)  = Competitive Advantage

Telcos that are able to effectively harness the power of their transactional data intelligence are at a distinct competitive advantage, whether for improving customer experience, accelerating innovation, streamlining operations or optimizing costs.

GlobeOSS professionals are here to help operators achieve just that.

Key features of our services include:

  • Analyze data from any source or even raw transactional data of any format.
  • Conduct root cause analysis, monitoring or reporting across Telco silos.
  • Create highly flexible dashboards for engineering, product and business users alike.
  • Adapt to change with a no schema approach that does not drop or ignore new or unexpected data.
  • Scale as needed—index terabytes of data per day.