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GlobeOSS for Enterprise

Driving Better Online Business Results Through Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI)

Many enterprises are going online today. Service rendered over the web is as critical as face-to-face interaction. Timely operational visibility across the IT and networking infrastructure is of major concerns.

Transaction online can happen over web, mobile devices and tablets; all with their own version of browsers, OS, device types, applications and services from many locations. Enterprises that go online will face many challenges in meeting those needs while maintaining the highest level of integrity and quality of online transaction. Customer experience on the online service is extremely important.

Back end IT systems on the other hand includes thousands of servers, customer and packaged applications, integrations, network devices and etc. This spans across physical, virtual and cloud environments. All these systems have their associated  application logs, mobile device logs, server logs, virtual machine logs, message queues, web proxy logs, IPS/IDS logs and syslog. The machine transactional data can provide important insights into key metrics relevant to both IT and the business.

Besides transactional data, GlobeOSS professionals are also well versed in transactional data extraction. We have the expertise to extract transactional data in real-time, transforming the data into meaningful operational insights and business applications.

GlobeOSS through its STORM Service provides a customer experience view of online service from the outside-in. Through our service called STORM Operational Intelligence, on the other hand, we provide visibility of the end-to-end view of internal IT and networking infrastructure. Looking internally also allow us to track security intrusion into the online service infrastructure.

GlobeOSS Delivers Insight into Transactional Data

GlobeOSS have many years of experience in handling large amount of transactional data and turning them into operational and business insights. With the sheer number of mobile communications increasing exponentially and each one generating more and more user and control traffic, online enterprises can quickly become over- burdened by the costs of storing that information. GlobeOSS works closely with each enterprise to determine a strategy that works best on how to monetize the transactional data.

Using state-of-art tools, GlobeOSS professionals can extract any transactional data and read data from any source such as application servers, mobile devices, web servers, custom applications, virtualized servers and pre-existing structured databases.

GlobeOSS works with relevant tools to deliver real-time understanding of what's happening and deep analysis of what happened across IT systems and infrastructure. It uses untapped machine data to identify problems, risks and opportunities and drive better decisions for IT and the business. We deliver real-time understanding and deep analysis of what's happening across the networks and processes.

WEB Performance and Uptime

Web performance depends on devices used (PC, Mobile, Tablets), OS, browsers, applications, telecom networks and various other dependencies. Downtime for online enterprise will mean loss of revenues, customer churn and negative impact of image and profit.

GlobeOSS STORM Performance Service, enables online enterprise to be assured on the testing and monitoring of their online service to be performing at its best and monitor the perception of the customers accessing the website from various devices, OS, browsers and etc. 3-screen testing, load testing, cloud testing, mobile device testing are all very important part of customer experience.

Once overview of customer experience is analyzed, the challenge will be to find the root cause. STORM Operational Intelligence provides such troubleshooting. Troubleshooting such issues involves getting insight across machine data coming from sources such as Linux servers, Apache web servers, databases, and numerous applications - this entire infrastructure could be deployed in a physical, virtual or hybrid environment.

Enhancing Customer Experience

GlobeOSS gives telcos insights into customer experience by taking transactional data and turn them into key performance indicators across their network, IT and application infrastructure.

A government agency seeks GlobeOSS help in looking into the quality of their newly launched online payment. It took just one day to set up the test configuration and the online transaction test was running from all angles over the weekend. Data was analyzed and the performane related issues was solved by looking into detail transactional data in the back-end system.

Cloud and Virtualization Infrastructure Management

Online enterprises are some of the biggest users of the cloud - whether within a public, private or hybrid environment. With GlobeOSS STORM services, online service providers have the ability to test the online services and have deep cross-environment visibility in addition to environment-specific visibility across applications, OS and hypervisor layers through to the underlying server, storage and network hardware. This operational insight is vital to helping enhance service delivery to customers and deliver a superior experience.

Increasing Revenue from Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI) 

Transactional data contains huge meaningful information for enterprise to monetize the data. Many times, the product team may not necessarily know the richness of information in the transactional data for specific subscribers, devices, locations, services and OTT applications. GlobeOSS experience is to help enterprises perform transactional data intelligence to monetize the available data, creating new value and business returns.

Analytic Insight for Web, Cloud and Virtualized Infrastructure

Transactional data are generated from the massive volume of customer's transactions related to the web transactions and applications. By looking into the bits and bytes of the data, converting them into meaningful information subsequently correlating and enriching the information, Enterprise can perform ationable analysis for ustomer care, business generatoins and IT/network optimization.

24 x 7 x 365 Network Operation Centre (GNOC)

GlobeOSS Network Operation Centre (GNOC) has been established to provide flexible and cost-effective outsource services based on various ownership models, tailored to the needs of each customer. Each of our services are designed and executed in alignment with the goals and operational needs of our customers. It is designed to deliver rapid return on investment and scale as you need. GNOC is a central surveillance centre serving customers of network monitoring needs. It has been established in 2005 offering our customers a blend of business and technology expertise to help our customers achieve their service assurance monitoring short-term and long-term business needs. Many operators and enterprises in the South East Asia region are using GNOC services to augment their existing NOC capability.

Infrastructure & Application Management With a Difference!  

Traditional infrastructure management suppliers work with highly structured data sets via SNMP, COBRA, XML etc. Application management is even more complex with custom applications for many enterprises. The project implementation of such implementation project ranges from 6-18 months depending on complexity. GlobeOSS approach is to first of all complement the existing infrastructure or application management system. However, new uncovered unstructured data sets and those data that requires correlation on the fly, can be easily achieved through GlobeOSS services. In many enterprises, we analyze the infrastructure log files in a matter of days rather than months.

Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI) = Competitive Advantage  

Online enterprises that are able to effectively harness the power of their transactional data intelligence are at a distinct competitive advantage, whether for improving customer experience, accelerating innovation, streamlining operations or optimizing costs.

GlobeOSS professionals are here to ehlp enterprises achieve just that.

Key features of our services includes:

  • Analyze data from any source or even raw transactional data of any format
  • Conduct root cause analysis, monitoring or reporting across Telco silos
  • Create highly flexible dashboards for engineering, product and business users alike
  • Adapt to change with a no schema approach that does not drop or ignore new or unexpected data
  • Scale as needed - index terrabytes of data per day