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Geolocation Subscriber Intelligence (GSI) Services

Enabling Mobile Operators to Monetize Subscriber Location Information


TELCO Industry Challenges

With the introduction of more services of greater complexity, partnerships and multi-play convergence, Telcos are experiencing increased pressure for the need to deliver cutting-edge services, reduce customer churn, provide superior customer experience and optimize costs. Getting all this divergent data from the network into a distributed/centralized transactional data intelligence to enable monetization of data is becoming the norm with leading telcos. The opportunity is now to take massive amount transactional data from the network to the next level and innovation.

Mobile operators can harness the location based information to increase the potential revenue and margin.  GlobeOSS innovative approach to Geolocation Operational Intelligence and Geolocation Subscriber Monetization Services will enable mobile oeprators to do just that.


GlobeOSS Delivers Insight into Transactional Data

GlobeOSS have many years experience in handling large amount of transactional data and turning them into operational and business insights. With the sheer number of mobile communications increasing exponentially and each one generating more and more user and control plane traffic, mobile operators can quickly become over- burdened by the costs of storing that information. GlobeOSS works closely with each operator to determine a strategy that works best on how to monetize the transactional data.

Using state-of-art tools, GlobeOSS professionals can extract any transactional data and read data from any source such as networks, web, radio networks, core networks, CDRs, service delivery platform, custom applications, mobile applications, social media, IT systems and databases. We deliver real-time understanding of what's happening geolocation wise.


Geolocation RAN Operational Intelligence

70% of subscriber issues are attributed to Radio Access Network (RAN) but majority of the monitoring is done at the core. For Data, 90% of the usage are indoors and therefore drive test campaign will have little meaning to user experience indoors.

Using tools with specific algorithm, location of subscribers and their associated handset and KPIs are measured and reported.

Enhancing Customer Experience

GlobeOSS gives telcos insights into customer experience by taking transactional data and turn them into key performance indicators  for all radio access tehcnology. Radio KPIs for customer experience can be monitored 24x7x365.

Geolocation Subscriber Analytics

GlobeOSS professional services team can help mobile operators analyze the the subscriber behaviors geographically. The information can be used for Operational Intelligence, mobile marketing, security, public safety, geo-marketing and asset management.


Geolocation Operational Intelligence

Extracting information directly from the RNC, BSCs and EnodeB gives the mobile operators valuable geolocation information of every subscriber attaching to the network.

With such information, GlobeOSS professional services can help mobile operators pinpoint user-perceived issues such as coverage holes, throughput, and KPIs (including indoor activities, for the entire network, for all time).

Better data hotspots, indoor analysis, subscriber QoE, small cell strategy can be achieved.

Some of the other sample use cases:

  • KPIs for high geographical resolution
  • LTE call trace
  • Best service cell and terrain impact
  • 3D visualization for drop call rate vs. count
  • Hidden drop call QoE issues
  • Pilot Pollution Indentification
  • Indoor/Outdoor RSRP
  • Handset filtering by geography
  • Data outdoor/indoor hotspots detection
  • Data hotspot with bad user experience
  • Automatic cell optimization
  • Subscriber movement
  • LTE coverage : RSRP and RSRQ
  • Cell footprint RSRP and overshooting
  • Dropped Call Rate
  • Roamer Analysis


Geolocation Mobile Marketing

Geolocation information enriched with subscriber information like age, gender, genre, etc will provide marketeers with powerful information for targeted marketing.

Such applications will like geofencing, walk-in rewards, SMS marketing, drive-in store, proximity based marketing, pushed based LBA, street marketing and geo-targeting.


Geolocation Security

Certain services can be offered in the area of security l ike family member tracking, fraud management (detection of IMEI changes, abusive usage, stolen devices, secure payment transaction and etc.).


Geolocation Public Safety

Public safety services can be offered for conditions like fire, extraordinary weather, mass alerting, election results and etc.

The advantages with such approach include personalized message, segment the alerted population mobile device agnostic, follow population movement and subsequent interactions with affected populations.


Geolocation M2M

There are many possible use cases for geolocation M2M, for example moving assets tracking, motionless asset tracking secure payment.


24 x 4 x 365 Network Operation Centre (GNOC)

GlobeOSS Network Operation Centre (GNOC) has been established to provide flexible and cost-effective outsource services based on various ownershihp models, tailored to the needs of each customer. Each of our services are designed and executed in alignment with the goals and operational needs of our customers. It is designed to deliver rapid return on investment and scale as you need. GNOC is a central surveillance centre serving customers of network monitoring needs. It has been established in 2005 offering our customers a blend of business and technology expertise to help our customers achieve their service assurance monitoring short-term and long-term business needs. Many operators in the South East Asia region are using GNOC services to augment their existing NOC capability.

Transactional Data Intelligence (TDI) = Competitive Advantage

Telcos that are able to effectively harness the power of their transactional data intelligence are at a distinct competitive advantage, whether for improving customer experience, accelerating innovation, streamlining operations or optimizing costs. GlobeOSS professionals are here to help operators achieve just that.

Key features of our services include:

  • Analyze data from any source of even raw transactional data of any format.
  • Conduct root cause analysis, monitoring or reporting across Telco silos.
  • Create highly flexible dashboards for engineering, product and business users alike.
  • dapt to change with a no schema approach that does not drop or ignore new or unexpected data.
  • Scale as needed - index terabytes of data per day.