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GlobeOSS specializes in extracting transactional data and turning them into operational dashboards, business insights and business applications. Many businesses generate lots of transactional data but few know how to exploit the data for business benefits. Our approach is simple, we extract network information for business monetization. We bridge the gap between network transactional information and business team. We optimize and re-use existing infrastructure - additional tools are added only when necessary.

GlobeOSS is positioned at the centre of data revolution. There’s a significant shift in the way consumers and enterprises behave using the network, fixed and mobile devices Data traffic is on the rise but the question is how operators and enterprises can do to exploit the massive amount of transactional data for business returns. GlobeOSS modular Integrated Service Assurance Framework enables our customers to first reuse existing infrastructure and subsequently add the necessary tool to achieve maximum business benefits. Our solution collects, controls, mediates, correlates, enriches, processes, analyzes, monitors & reports transactional data.

Key information extracted from transactional data in real-time includes:

  • Subscribers & Enterprise : Understanding the subscribers, VIPs and enterprises behaviors in relation to services, network, applications, locations will bring tremendous business benefits.
  • Devices & Handsets : Devices used over different operating systems, different browsers, different access devices (web, mobile and tablets) types.
  • Services : The types of services being used for example SMS, MMS, Voice, Data, LTE, 3G and etc.
  • Networks and Infrastructure : Communication and data networks are made up of many elements and the data are transacted over the multiple elements. The associated KPIs and KQIs are important in managing the network. Operational intelligence is essential in the current modern and complex networks.
  • Locations : With the proliferation of mobile devices, network operators and enterprise can maximize the power of understanding customer experience, increasing the situational and location aware marketing and etc.
  • Applications : Over-the-top (OTT) applications are experiencing exponential growth in terms of numbers and revenues. Understanding the usage patterns and linked that to the above parameters such as locations, subscribers, handsets and etc. will provide significant business advantage to telcos and enterprises.

Over the last 7 years, the GlobeOSS team has more than 100+ engagements with various telecommunication operators and enterprise companies in Asia Pacific. We have vast experience in building network operation centres, managing 7x24x365 monitoring operation centre, extracting network information for business applications, testing e-commerce infrastructure (using GlobeOSS STORMTM Service), Big Data transactional information analysis and etc. We deploy solutions over 2G, 3G, LTE, IPTV, VoIP, IP MPLS networks, NGN, IMS and IT and Cloud technologies.

GlobeOSS Network Operation Centre (GNOC) operates 7x24x365. GNOC utilizes carrier-class integrated service assurance platform. The solution includes fault management system, performance management system, service quality management system, SLA management, reporting, dashboards and service desk solutions. The centre utilizes ITIL processes and business continuity/disaster recovery processes.